May 4, 2010

After suspension rumors, then not, Corey Trivino is suspended

Updated, 5:45pm

Islanders prospect Corey Trivino has been suspended by Boston University for the beginning of the 2010-11 season. At this point, the suspension is for an undefined number of games.

The two-way centerman from Toronto, Ontario was picked by the Islanders in the second round of the 2008 entry draft, and has been continuing his playing career at Boston University since.

"The suspension today stems from an incident about two weeks ago when Vinny [Saponari] and myself showed up late to a team bike exercise," Trivino said shortly after the BU release.

He denied the rumors that the suspension is the result of an alcohol-related incident.

"It has nothing to do with alcohol use," he said.

Vinny Saponari, a prospect of the Atlanta Thrashers and Trivino's roommate at BU, was officially dismissed from the team, The Daily Free Press reports.

Trivino also took steps to address the infamous "song" that has circulated the hockey-blogging world recently.

"About the song... It wasn't supposed to be like that. Me and Vinny messing around one night in the dorm, we made a song. It was just for our enjoyment. We sent it to one of our teammates, and he sent it out to a bunch of people himself. We didn't know about that. One of those people apparently put it up on Barstool Sports, and I was shocked when someone let me know on a text."

He denies that this has any involvement with the current suspension.

"The song... BU has nothing to do with it. This suspension has nothing to do with it. It's a real shame that someone made it a video and put the BU logo on there," he said.

Further details concerning Trivino's suspension length and the future of Vinny Saponari are expected within the week.

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