July 16, 2009

I was there #1

Many of you may wonder what I do with my time when I'm not blogging. I'm glad you asked.

The short answer is that I hang out with Garry Bettman.
That's right, I was one of a select few to witness the NHL's Winter Classic 2010 announcement live and in-person yesterday afternoon. Sure, you could have watched it on NHL.com live. You could have.

I, rather, went there as "press" and was able to watch it all from the comforts of the lower bowl at Fenway Park. I saw such hockey dignitaries as league commissioner Garry Bettman, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, and Flyers GM Paul Holmgren. I even got some free Fenway Franks for my trouble. Mmmm... media food...

And yes, Bettman is even more chipmunk-y in person.

But yeah, the exciting part: After the official announcements were all done, all the executives,players, and politicians were all accessible on the infield for interviews, photo ops, and other PR stuff. Without an official announcement concerning *a-hem* a possible NCAA game held on the Fenway ice –– as we've heard in *cough* rumors for months, I had no real story to pursue.

Eventually, while I was scoping out people to talk to, I noticed (Boston) Mayor Thomas Menino gazing absentmindedly into the distance. So I introduced myself, and asked if he knew anything about that rumored Boston University / Boston College hockey game to be played at Fenway this January.

After a few "oh, yeah? Hm, yes, mmhmm, yesh......"s (Mumbles Menino at his finest), he confirmed that yes, there will be a game between the bitter college rivals on Fenway ice, and that an official announcement could come within a few weeks.

This is huge, let me tell you. It makes the Winter Classic so much more important... and I'm not just saying that as a college hockey fan.

The rivalry between the Terriers and the Eagles is far greater than the rivalry between the Flyers and the Bruins. I mean, come on, everyone hates the Flyers. In fact, it surpasses nearly every other rivalry –– in every sport.

And if you've never experienced college hockey, you are severely missing out on totally new take on the game. What an opportunity to become familiar with it! Listen, readers. Promise me you'll find a way to watch this game, when it happens... even if it isn't nationally televised. Promise me!


"It's gonna be great fun, huh?"
Indeed, Mayor Menino. Indeed.