May 29, 2009

05/29/09 - Pöck to Switzerland

Just since I haven't seen this elsewhere yet... I figured I'd throw it up here.

Thomas Pöck has signed with Rapperswil-Jöna of the Swiss National League A, according to the team's website. The financial terms are unclear, but the contract will be for 2 years.

It's not a big deal to most Islanders fans, especially with the draft just weeks away, but Pöck played hard for us when he was on the ice. Good luck in Switzerland.

May 15, 2009

05/15/09 - On the draft

Not to completely ignore the amazing experience of the Terriers' Frozen Four victory in D.C. ... Perhaps something about that is to come soon.

A quick thought: With the No. 1 pick this year, GM Garth Snow can't go wrong by trading down the 1st overall pick for the 2nd.

Why? The player available at #2 (be it either Tavares or Hedman) should be just as great as the #1. So why not spare ourselves the stress and future guilt (?) from debating the #1 pick and trade down to #2 and pick up another asset or two at the same time.  There's two scenarios that could play out in this case:

  • Despite the expected outcry from nearly all Isles fans if Snow goes for Hedman with the pick at 1 or 2, it would be a much easier decision to accept in the light of gaining something additional from a trade. And don't forget the "there was no other choice" factor in consoling angry fans.
  • If Tavares is still available at #2, then it will likely be regarded as a genius move by Snow for picking up a little something on the side.

In all, you can't really lose out by having the #2.
We have the #1, so I propose the Isles trade down and see what else they can get in addition to a top-level draftee in either Tavares or Hedman.

More soon.