August 21, 2008

8/21/08 - What Next?

Hey all, a quick note for the upcoming season:
Rather than join in the collective rabble that is becoming the NYI blog world, I'm deciding to again change and focus on something exclusive... something that I can bring other fans that nobody else can.

So, this fall I'll be putting out several pieces focusing on future Islanders playing within Hockey East, the NCAA division that includes Boston University, Boston College, UMass, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, among other elite college hockey schools.
From my reserved seat at BU's Agganis Arena, I'll be able to keep tabs on these players, especially Islanders 2008 2nd-round pick Corey Trivino, who will be starting his collegiate hockey career this fall in Boston. 

As always, questions, comments, rants, and other hockey related communiqué can be commented here or sent to

Here's 'til October!