November 10, 2007

11/10/07 - Ketchup

Hey. It's been a while, I know, but it's also been a hectic few weeks (combined with a few stretches of no Islanders games). In any case, things are looking up for the Islanders lately, who stand tonight with the 2nd best winning percentage in the East.

Today, the Islanders re-acquired defenseman Freddy Meyer, which is by all accounts a great move. Letting him go wasn't the plan back in October; the roster conflict necessitated his move to the Sound Tigers, but having a one-way contract, Freddy needed to be put on waivers first. If he's nothing else, he is even more gritty depth and insurance against further injury. I doubt that he is going to be traded, as well.

Additionally, it looks like Bryan Berard is just days away from returning to the lineup, which should help pull the powerplay back up to the top of the league (he left with 4 points, and 2 game-winning goals in just 5 games).

Satan has been playing like he's possessed lately, and keeping him hot will be crucial to winning those close games. It also seems that Guerin has found a new role on the 3rd line, and Hunter is starting to play like his old self.

It really is a case of teamwork, grit, and determination that is leading a scrappy team to the top. Nobody expected the Isles to be where they are, even after 12 games.

It's a real good sign that the Islanders' attendance figures are way up this year (the sharpest year-to-year increase in all of sports, in fact), which shows that the fans are not only noticing the team's effort and hard work, but they are returning to the Coliseum regularly. People say that the NHL is on shaky ground with all the administrative bullshit and the lack of decent national TV coverage, etc., but the sport of hockey is still very popular, and people will indeed come out to see a good game.

Tonight, the Islanders host the Devils, and the next few games are all vital points against the division. It should be a very exciting November.
Let's go Islanders.