July 26, 2007

7/26/07 - Islanders Uniforms '08... Again

There's been a recent lull in Islanders news, so now might be a good time to discuss what's new with the uniform redesign for the Isles.

Before all else, let's just acknowledge that nobody really knows what is going on in the Islanders camp, and that everything we know is based on a leaked photo, and dozens of rumors and other conjecture.

Here is the infamous leaked photograph:

We know for sure that the photo was taken with a cell phone, and that the uniforms pictured are real. But real doesn't mean final. Many have noted the various other uniforms hanging up in the photograph, and expect that this one is most likely a prototype.

Since that photo came to light, there has been little more hard evidence out there other than "I heard from my friend..."s and more guesswork.

Then recently, a group of administrators and moderators from IslanderMania were invited to a meeting, of sorts, with Chris Botta and company at the Coliseum for a sneak peak at the uniforms. They were candid, as instructed, about the look of it, but from what they could tell us, it is a "variation of that "prototype" that we saw. But different." The general sentiment is that the new uniforms are quite nice looking, contrary to popular opinion regarding the leaked photo.

Here is a graphic rendition, based upon the accounts of the IslanderMania witnesses. I am told it is not far off. Interestingly similar to some of those early NY Islanders Country members' designs back in June.

As for when the official announcement will come, that is still to be seen. There are reports floating around that it could come as early as next week, but as Greg Logan reports, they will most likely be unveiled at the beginning or the end of Islanders training camp, September 13th or 22nd.

As for the Team Store, which recently reopened in the Broadway Mall, there are more rumors from the workers there that support a more early unveiling, possibly August 8th or 15th.

But again, nobody knows anything for sure. The new changes are coming, and we do have a general idea as to what the uniforms will look like, but now the question is a matter when it will become official. Check back here for news and updates as they happen.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT 7/28: See update and new photo here.

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